Graham Nutrition and Online Personal Training Packages

Includes both Nutrition and Unlimited Training

Online Personal Training is the foundation of how and why I started Graham Nutrition (.com). Personal training today is a necessity not a luxury and it should be at a price where everybody can benefit.

For $1.63 a day you have a real Personal Trainer, Custom Nutrition, and a monthly online Magazine with unbelievable information. This also includes Healthy Recipes, Exercise tips, latest Nutrition news and more. Included in this service is constant daily access to your trainer via e-mail.

I am proud to say I built the foundation of graham Nutrition with only you in mind, YOU! I understand there are real people with real problems. Knowing I can help and being helped only cost $1.63 per day, but gives me the purpose to help the next person. This to me is priceless. That’s Graham Nutrition!


GRAHAM NUTRITION… This includes a custom nutrition program with an easy to follow grocery list, total access to my exclusive training website, along with your monthly magazing. (all workouts are sent via e-mail, and accessable when you log on to my site). These services if you were to belong to a gym facility would cost you ABOUT $795.00 (BASED ON 3 SESSIONS A WEEK, WITH A NEW NUTRITION PROGRAM EVERY 30 DAYS)

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GRAHAM NUTRITION… In this 3 month training program this will guarantee you a spot on my website. If you are still unsure, think of it like this… nobody ever goes to the gym for a 45 minute workout and when its finished wish they stayed home. (This package has a value of about $2,400.00)

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GRAHAM NUTRITION… In this package you are again, making sure you have my services for a year. The results that can be achieved in this time with the supervision of a personal trainer could get you ready for anything. You could want to loose 100lbs or more, get ready for a fitness or bodybuilding competition, or just stay in shape. Whatever your goal, having something to follow and someone to take you there makes all the difference. (This package has a value of about $7,344.00)

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1 Trainer + 1 Client = 1 Goal – That’s GRAHAM NUTRITION-

Congratulations- Your search for the body that you deserve is right around the corner!

I’d like to welcome you to my online training site where you and I will work together to create a personalized fitness program for a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one with me. Your online training program will consist of goal specific workouts, created by me and based on your fitness level, desired weight loss or weight gain, schedule and exercise equipment availability. Every program is packed with motivation and accountability to help you maximize your workout results!

Here’s how it works. After a detailed fitness assessment I will create a training program complete with workout video demonstrations and detailed instructions delivered right to your computer with everything you need to successfully complete your weekly fitness program. The training programs are fully printable and are convenient to take to a health club, or to train at home.

Along with your personalized fitness program you will receice a customized diet that will work hand in hand with the fitness program. Your diet will be based upon any health issues, fitness schedule as well as disease prevention. We will work one on one to create the diet that will get you to your goals. My Nutrition and Fitness programs are designed to help you make the lifestyle changes needed for you to be successful. You will receive a printable meal plan as well as a grocery list for your convenience.

You can be rest assured that each and every program will be custom tailored specifically for you. I have already created thousands of comprehensive nutrition and fitness programs for both my in-person and online clientele and I want to do the same for you. To make it even better, I will do it all for UNDER $2.00 (two dollars) a day. Thats right… a day!

This is an amazing opportunity for you. It is not coincidence that you found this site, even if it was referred to you. You are in front of this screen because you are ready for change, you are ready for the new you.

I am a highly sought after Personal Trainer booked 6 months in advance. This is your chance to do what you have been trying to do week after week and year after year. Once you get a taste of my program and meet with me either through e-mail or phone, I know you will be hooked. You’re probably wondering why I’ll tell you everyone wants success and I create that!

Online Personal Training Benefits: In addition to the cost saving benefits of online personal training, you will also have the luxury to train at your convenience and not around my schedule. You will gain the benefit of having your training program available anywhere you travel, as long as you have a connection to the Internet.

Your online training program also includes access to my monthly health and fitness magazine packed with more fitness tips, research, and tasty recipes. Best of all you automatically get my monthly “Fit Tip” newsletter overflowing with motivational success stories, fitness tips, and an exercise of the month video tutorial!

Here’s how to get started. Simply scroll down and click on the “ONLINE TRAINING TOUR” so you can see all the printable Nutrition and Fitness Programs that will be customized for you. Once your done with that simply select a program that best suites your needs. Click the “buy now” button and complete your safe and secure transaction using paypal. Once complete, I will contact you with everything we need in order to complete your fitness assessment. You’ll be on your way in less than 24 hours! I look forward to having you as a client.

Well, the time is YOURS and your time is NOW!

Yours in fitness,
Norman Graham, CPT